Maxon - Version 2.0.18 (12726kb)
Bigpond - Version 2.0.18 (13704kb)

Maxon have recently released a firmware update for the 'Telstra Turbo Modem' & 'Bigpond USB Dongle' (same device, different branding) which will double the potential downlink speed from 3.6mbps to 7.2mbps. I have listed above links for the download from the Maxon Australia site, which is a zip file and also the download for the 'Bigpond' branded exe file from the Bigpond site. Both pieces of software ran identically when tested on the pictured 'Bigpond' Dongle. The firmware update software is pictured at the completion of the update with the complete process taking just under 4 minutes. If using the guide included in the downloaded firmware zip archive from the Maxon Australia site, you may find a couple of minor errors. The guide temporarily sent me in the wrong direction, as it advises 'You need to have the latest firmware update program', then provides a link back to to obtain the software. This was not required however as the firmware update software is included in the downloaded zip in a folder called 'TTM_Firmware_upgrade_R2.0.18' with filename 'FwDownload.exe'. The installation guide also advises to run file 'TTMFwUpgrade.exe' but this file was not in the directory listed. Only the previously mentioned file. I have listed below the output from the firmware update software. The software appears to give an excellent verbose output of what is happening throughout the process. One further potential misconception is that Bigpond have named their update tool 'BigPondWirelessBroadband_firmwareupdate_Maxon_1.0.1.5.exe'. This may lead to some confusion as this is not the firmware version. '' is the version of the update software which loads the firmware into your modem/dongle. The firmware version loaded to the modem is actually '2.0.18'. The firmware update software and the firmware are two separate items, however in the case of the bigpond download, they are bundled together in a self extracting exe archive.

Telstra Turbo Modem Firmware Update program

Before you run this update, please check that you have done the following:
(i) Ensure that the modem is connected to the computer
(ii) Please close all other applications or programs before starting the download process.
This includes e-mails and internet browser.
(iii) Please make sure the modem has an active Telstra SIM card.
PIN code on the SIM should be disabled.
(iv) Please ensure that the laptop is connected to mains power when downloading firmware.
Click Update Firmware button below to start the download process

Note: This process will take several minutes. PLEASE DO NOT UNPLUG OR

For further help please contact the technical team at Maxon Australia on 02 8707 3000

- Starting firmware update process
- Updating Firmware. Please do not disconnect modem
- Partition table override
- Updating (PBL)
- Updating (QCSBL)
- Updating (OEMSBL)
- Erasing Memory
- Reset modem
- Restoring modem data
- Checking modem information
- Setting PLMN
- PLMN write process success
- Starting network personalization process.
- Network personalization process complete.
- Reset modem
- Checking modem status
- Network registration - trying...
- Network registration - Success
- Firmware Updated successful
- Please remove modem and close update program.

Maxon Australia Firmware Upgrade
Telstra Wireless Downloads Page
Bigpond Firmware Update Page
Bigpond General Download Page
Bigpond Connection Manager 2.8.13

Bigpond USB Dongle
Telstra Firmware Update Screen
on Completion of Update
Bigpond Firmware Update Screen
on Completion of Update
Successful Firmware Update
This information was originally compiled on the 6th of October 2007. If at any time you wish to confirm the information on this page is still valid please feel free to email ( and I will advise the status of any details listed here. I will also endeavour to keep this information up to date.